What to Take

Egypt is a land of many types of environments, from the cool, crispness of the mountains to the scorching sun. Travelers will want to know what is available in the way of basic needs and also what to bring to protect against the weather.

The Great Outdoors

Think heat and lots of it. The sun is incredibly intense and hot in Egypt. Bring or plan to purchase lots of sunscreen and keep it applied, especially to children. Hats are a definite plus, but make sure they are the wide-brimmed variety. Long sleeves, or scarves, to cover arms and shoulders are a must. Carrying a scarf or hat that can be soaked in water is a good idea, too. Sunglasses should be worn to protect your eyes from the sun and desert glare.

Carry water with you. This is not optional. Bottled water can be purchased in Egypt just about anywhere you go. A canteen that can be carried over the shoulder is nice for ease in toting the water around. A spray bottle for water is handy for a quick cooling off.

The Basics

Good walking shoes can make the difference between a successful vacation adventure and one that is spent in agony. Bring these with you and make sure they are broken in. You do not want to be shoe shopping minutes before going hiking.

If you have electrical items such as razors or blow dryers you may need power adaptors. Egyptian power and plugs are not necessarily the same as in other places. In Egypt, the power sources will be 220 volt and the plugs have two prongs that are rounded.

Do not forget your camera and thing BIG. Many of the sights you will see in Egypt are huge so a camera with a wide angle lenses is a good idea. A guide book is a great idea, as well.

Personal Items

If you take medication of any kind be sure and bring plenty with you. You never know when you will get stuck longer than you planned somewhere.

Some other basic items for personal use might include a sewing kit, travel alarm clock, first aid kit, wet wipes, safety pins, small tool kit, pocket change, phone card and writing items.

Plan Ahead

Thinking and panning ahead for your trip can make a world of difference. If children will be traveling with you, especially young ones, be prepared for their daily needs.