Sinai is so much more than just a beautiful place to visit. The area of Sinai is steeped in Biblical and religious history that barely separates it from the modern day. The great religions all have roots here. More presently, Sinai is renowned for its geographic beauty, especially its coral reefs located in the Red Sea. There are also popular beaches and deserts roamed by Bedouins. There are modern upscale accommodations, fine shopping and dining, with plenty of nighttime entertainment, to boot.


El-Arish is one of the area’s scenic Mediterranean resort towns situated along temperate stretches of white beach with palm trees waving in the wind. The region is popular for its great scuba diving. Colorful and exotic fish invite divers and swimmers to take a peek inside the world of a living coral reef. Shopping in the local bazaars is also fun. There is a fishing village here, plus tourist villages. Camel adventure trips, an 18th century Turkish citadel and a beautiful oasis nearby will have you visiting this area more than once.


Rafah is on the Egyptian side of the Giza strip, a small spit of land along the Nile. This area receives much more rainfall than many other areas, so visitors can expect lots of green, lush plants and trees. Spend time shopping the Bedouin markets in Rafah.

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is the tourist town to visit in the Sinai area. Hotels, shopping, and entertainment – this town has it all. The picturesque setting is comprised of Bedouin tents, the sea and stunning mountains that rise in the background. There is diving, horseback riding, snorkeling, water sports galore, safaris, and golfing.

Ras As-Sudr

Residents of Cairo frequent As-Sudr. This town connects Sinai to Egypt and is a growing commercial and industrial area.


Want to venture into areas outside Egypt’s borders? Taba is the place to do it. Make one of the fantastic hotels in Taba your base while you visit Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or Israel, all convenient from this town. You can even visit some of these places by simply walking or taking a bus across the border.

El -Tor

The government of South Sinai makes its home in El-Tor. This otherwise quiet town is a fast-growing, modern city in Egypt that is catching up quickly with the rest of the country’s modern cities.