Parks of Egypt

There is an abundance of Natural Parks in Egypt. These nature reserve areas are also called protected areas. Egypt has been developing these for several years now and they are wonderful attractions, especially those traveling with families.

The parks are spread all over Egypt. You can find them in the mountain areas, deserts, near water and even on islands. Some of the parks get quite a bit of tourist traffic, while others might have only a handful of visitors due to their remote location. Here are just some of the places that feature National Parks in Egypt.

Lake Qarun

Located in the Fayoum Province this National Park is a wetland area. Not only does it feature marine animals and plant life, but it also has an amazing collection of fossils. Waterfowl are an important part of this park.

Ras Mohamed

This protected area is located near the Gulf of Aqaba. Beautiful sunsets add to the marine and animal life present in the park. Mangroves, salt marshes and coral reef ecosystems are all protected here as well as a number of other natural habitats.

Divers will find the coral reefs simply stunning. Birds, such as heron and osprey, can be seen in their natural habitats. There are several animals on the threatened list that live in this park, including the green turtle and hawksbill turtle, the dorcas gazelle and the nubian ibex.

Sannur Cave

If you enjoy spelunking, or cave exploring, then this is the National Park you will want to visit. The ongoing quarry work has contributed to the many tunnels that lead into these caves. During ancient times several of the caves were in use. Rare, natural formations are characterize the cave areas.

Nile Islands

The Nile River is home to a bevy of flora and fauna. There are many isles and inlets that are part of the nature reserves. Birds, plants and wildlife all take refuge along the banks of the Nile.

Elba National

The Elba Protected Area is located in the southeast corner of the Eastern Desert. Ecosystems which thrive in this area include Red Sea Mangroves, sand dunes, coral reefs, mountains and even the islands of the Red Sea. An amazing and rare ecosystem thrives here. A mist oasis caused by dew or mist from clouds is located on the top of Jabal Elba and is found nowhere else in Egypt.