Family Trips

If you are one of the many visitors bringing the entire family to Egypt there are plenty of places dedicated to that situation. These towns and cities provide family friendly fun and destinations. They provide something for the children, as well as the adults to enjoy.

Sports and Golf

Did you know you can golf at the pyramids? Golfing is perhaps a perfect diversion after an afternoon spent trekking about the pyramids, which for some might be considered a bit boring. Families can also hop on over to Lake Nassar for a day of fishing fun. Families can sail down the Nile on a boat or spend the day riding a camel or horse.


Cairo is the perfect place for a family to spend the day sight seeing. Mom and the girls can go shopping, until their feet wear out. The kids can spend the day in the hotel’s pool and the history lover in the family can enjoy the antiquities that are everywhere to be found. And at night the whole family can spend the evening taking in dinner and a show along one of the brightly lit streets.

Sharm EL-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is another great place for a family tour. Scuba diving and sun bathing at this clean and neat resort town are popular past times. There is also shopping and places to explore within a day’s journey, such as Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery. Both of these areas have National Parks that are great for the kids to go exploring.

Family Friendly

Take the time to go through your guide book and check out what is available to see and do. Tourists will find that Egypt has plenty to offer those who want to bring the whole family with them. It does not matter if your family has a history buff, sports lover or someone with a shopping addiction, Egypt can meet each person’s need for vacation pleasure. Be prepared for the sun and heat, set your itinerary, plan something for all interests and go have a great time in one of the world’s most interesting playgrounds.