Alexandria and the North Coast

This portion of Egypt is still largely waiting to be discovered. Once used for agriculture, the Egyptian government would now like to see it grow in tourist trade.


Swimming and sunbathing are favorite past times for those who take time to explore this part of Egypt. The sparkling blue waters of the seas combined with miles of white sand will lead you to understand why the Ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun god. Mersa Matrouh has a natural bay with calm waters and is an excellent place to swim. Sun bathe where legend has it that both Cleopatra and Marc Antony sun bathed, a site called Cleopatra’s Rock. The nearby temple fort was built by Ramses II.


Alexandria is where, not only the tourists but, the natives go to play. This is no backwoods town but instead a thriving cosmopolitan area.

Plenty of activity awaits visitors to Alexandria. Visit the Roman Theatre and the Vila of the Birds or tour the Greco-Roman Museum. Explore the Anfushi Tombs and the ancient Royal Quarters. Be sure and check out the Bibliotheca Alexandria, a magnificent relic of antiquity. Named after Alexander the Great, the Greek and Roman influence can be seen throughout the city.

There are plenty of tombs, antiquities and monasteries to see and keep those interested in history busy for days. You can book a tour or go exploring on your own. And if you just desire to stay in town and enjoy the good things in life, like room service, Alexandria is the place.

The Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean coast welcomes all who come to its shores. El-Agami, Abu Sir and El-Alamein comprise the region in which the turning point of the North African campaign took place. This is Egypt’s resort playground and the tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Hotels, shops and restaurants all cater to the tourist. Anything you would want to do can be found here on the coast.

Fun and Frolic

Diving, swimming, sun bathing and exploring are all to be had in the Alexandria area. Fine dining and upscale entertainment characterize the area.