Activities in Egypt

There is so much to see and do in Egypt. If you love archeology and exploring ancient ruins Egypt alone can provide you with enough antiquities to spend days and weeks exploring. Monasteries, fortresses from the times of the Ottomans and Crusades, and Pyramids are just a few of the types of ruins you can find. Visit the Pharaohs’ tombs and explore the Valley of the Kings. You will be awestruck at the amount of treasures that were once hidden inside the tombs of Pharaohs such as King Tut. And what is even more mind boggling is what is still hidden under the very desert you are walking over as you explore what has already been uncovered. There are museums dedicated to various time frames in Egyptian history and culture.

Water Fun

If you enjoy soaking up the sun or water sports are your passion, then Egypt has plenty of opportunities for both. Beaches stretch along the sparkling Mediterranean. Sun bathe, swim, snorkel or dive in the ocean or along one of the exquisite coral reefs that are part of Egypt. The waters are warm and there are all types of hotels and resorts that cater to modern day sun worshippers. Egypt’s beaches are a favorite with both visitors and locals.

Fishing is another water sport that is a lot of fun in Egypt. Lake Nassar is the world’s largest man-made lake and offers enough fishing to delight any fisherman. Not only can you find thirty-two types of fish in this lake, but Nile crocodiles also call it home.

For Bird Lovers

Ducks, geese, pelicans, herons, egrets and other birds, as well as a variety of wild life abounds around the area of Lake Nassar. Birders will love exploring not only this lake but many of the National Parks that are spread throughout Egypt. It is bird lover’s heaven.

Other Sports

Visitors to Egypt can enjoy golfing, horseback riding, desert safaris, hiking and scuba diving and snorkeling. Essentially, there is something for everyone no matter what type of sport visitors enjoy it can be found in some form or another in Egypt.