Egyptian history traces its roots back to the beginning of time itself. Here is where civilizations and great dynasties grew out of the very desert sand that typifies Egypt. Wonders such as the magnificent pyramids and the imposing Sphinx make us marvel at the work that was done before the era of modern tools, machinery. From the opulence of King Tut’s tombs to Mount Sinai, where Moses was delivered the Ten Commandments, visitors stand in awe at the history that has occurred here. A virtual cacophany of religions have developed here—Islam, Judaism and Christianity, to name but a few.

A Land of Variety

Although much of Egypt is covered in blistering golden desert the country has much more to offer. Mountains rise up to provide a stunning backdrop to both desert sands and sparkling beaches. From the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, turquoise water and colorful coral reefs entice visitors to romp in the water or soak up the sun. Wetlands, National parks and even a petrified forest all contribute to the geographic diversity of Egypt. Birds, animals and plants are also as varied as the land. For more informations please visit this page.

Something for Everyone

Regardless of interest, travelers to Egypt will find something to satisfy their vacation appetites while in Egypt. Archeologists and history buffs can spend literally days taking in ruins, exploring caverns and catacombs that once held the remains of Egyptian royalty.

The country is not solely dependent on its ancient ruins to entertain visitors, either. Adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts will find plenty of golf, fishing, swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling. For a more unique activity, go exploring on the back of a camel.

For the more modern or urban traveler, Egypt has its modern, urban, hip side, too. Shopping can be upscale, such as the specialty retailers that cater to the region’s wealthiest. Otherwise there are colorful Bedouin bazaars that offer insight into the more traditional side of Egyptian culture.

Plan Ahead

Plan to make the most out of your trip. Know what you need to bring with you and what is easily purchased there. Do not get caught in the heat and sun without the proper protection. Take a tour or have a well thought out itinerary. Book your hotel and travel plans well in advance. But most of all go prepared to have fun exploring a wonderful new land.